Website for a Power Quality Management conference

Create a simple yet effective website

About the project

International Conference "Power Quality Management" (ICPQM) was established in Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) in 2014, and their administration needed to create an informational website.

They asked me to build a website back when they only just begun, and I've been suppporting the project ever since, adding new functionality as it was needed.


Conference organizers asked me to make a very simple website "without any bells and whistles". Essentially, website served only a single function - to inform ICPQM participants about requirements and due dates of the Conference.


The client had a very clear vision for the website design. Structure was planned to be flat, and thus the navigation system is made in the most simple and intuitive way - as a single main menu, from which all of the pages are accessible, which makes it really hard to get lost in this kind of structure.

Content for all the pages, photos and other information was supplied by the client, and the Conference already had a logo, so I was asked to take all these materials and use them to build a website.

Page design

Website management

Aside from developing a website which is viewable for all visitors, I also implemented an admin panel, which allows the Conference staff to edit any page. All texts, photos and documents are submitted to the website via an admin panel, no HTML or programming knowledge is necessary

Since this conference is international, each page has English and Russian version. The user can easily switch between the languages, and administrator can edit both versions from a single admin interface.


In this particular case I made an extremely simple website, mainly because this was my client's request. It isn't very fancy, but I did make it responsive so it can be comfortably viewed on any device.

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