Software development for the amusement ride

Add a new game to the amusement ride

About the Project

Fly-Motion amusement ride was developed by "SEMZ-Vympel" company. Fly-Motion consists of a rotating cockpit; the player sits inside of it. There is a screen mounted inside, which imitates the cockpit view, and a joystick, which lets the player control the plane. Computer mounted inside the cockpit launches a game (there's a list of air fighter simulators available for choice), which controls the cockpit and rotates it in sync with the game, thus creating a full immersion effect for the player.

Fly-Motion cockpit

My contribution

Fly-Motion amusement ride is a complex software and hardware product. I was working on the software part of the project. Fly-Motion software consisted of the following components:

  • Microcontroller program, which listens for commands and controls the motors accordingly
  • Application for tablet or laptop, which player uses to choose a game, his plane and mission in the game, and also to pay for his game session
  • Software for desktop PC (mounted inside of the cockpit), which launches the game, sends commands to microcontroller and communicates with tablet/laptop software.

I worked on all of these components. I added new features for this software, added new games for Fly-Motion, and improved the responsiveness of Fly-Motion ride.

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