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Service Description

We develop beautiful and modern websites which are easy to use and which leave a positive impact on your clients. We use the top-notch technology, yet we make sure that your website works perfectly well on cell phones, tablets, desktops and any other devices.

What Advantages Do We Offer

1. Responsive design

Nowadays it's impossible to ignore mobile platforms, since they generate significant amount of traffic and since search engines prefer websites which are adapted for all platforms, from desktops to mobile phones.

We solve this problem with responsive design. This means that we develop websites in such a way that its elements automatically change their shape, size and location depending on the type of device your user has.

No matter what kind of device your client uses, it will look crisp and clear everywhere. Thanks to responsive design we can shorten the development time and significantly simplify support for any kind of gadget - even for those which haven't yet appeared on the market.

2. Good Style

Our websites leave great impression on people. They are a lot of fun to browse, they are comfortable to read, they create memorable experiences. Website design is the face of your brand, and if your site invokes positive emotions, people will come back to it again and again.

3. Well-thought usability

It's not enough just to program website and design its layout. It's very important to make it convenient to use, to make its structure logical, navigation clear, texts readable. All these things are related to good usability. We work thoroughly on usability to make sure your clients enjoy using your websites and so they don't have to waste hours searching for the information they need.

We also provide usability audit as a separate service, which lets you find all the usability problems you have if your website was developed by a different company.

4. Convenient Admin Panel for Content Management

That wouldn't be right if you had to call programmers every time you needed to make some changes to your website, even the tiniest ones.

All our websites are supplied with Admin Panel which lets you create and edit pages.

5. SEO and promotion-oriented approach

Not all website developers understand the importance of brand promotion. After many years spent on this market we learned that some companies develop websites which are simply unsuited for SEO, and website owners have to hire another team to clean up the mess and to optimize website for the search engines. As the team who had to clean up after previous developers numerous times, we know what we're talking about. Our customers who were in this situation wish they found us sooner!

We free you from this headache. Our websites allow you to edit all the attributes and parameters important for SEO, and we solve many of the SEO tasks for you automatically, so that you don't have to make all this tedious and hard work yourself.

If you need help with SEO and promotion, we also recommend making SEO audits and developing ad campaigns.


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