Web App Development

Making life easier for your users

What's a Web App?

Web Apps are built to solve a particular user problem, whether it's shopping, searching information on the Internet or communicating with friends. The key feature that distinguishes Web Apps from Websites is interactivity; Web Apps are all about interaction with the user, while Websites usually serve informational role.

In order to function, Web Apps usually rely on a variety of technologies and a powerful server infrastructure, hence developing a Web App usually takes more time and costs more than website development.

What is the Difference Between Website and Web App?

The line between Web Apps and Websites is blurred, and everyone defines the difference between these terms in his own way.

This is what we think: Website is a representation of your brand on the Internet. Corporate websites, promo websites - all of these are good examples. If a website is what you need, we offer a website development service. Website development is generally faster and cheaper than Web App development, but this depends on the scale of the project.

Web App is oriented towards solving user tasks, such as shopping (online stores), communicating with friends (social networks), searching information (search engines), ordering taxi, planning tasks and so on.

This doesn't mean that you have to use either one or the other. Generally speaking, every Web App is a Website. Also, a Website may host a Web App inside of it. But since Websites and Web Apps require different development approaches, we make a distinction between them.

What Will We Do During Web App development process?

  • We will make a design draft to early establish the look and feel of your Web App;
  • We will design server infrastructure for your App;
  • We will develop a Minimum Viable Product version of your App;
  • We will build a final version of your App.

Which Additional Services Can we Offer?

  • Payment processor integration;
  • Integration with any 3rd-party APIs (such as social network authentication, passing data to CRM, signing up for MailChimp newsletter, etc.);
  • Developing API for your App;

And many more!

What Web Apps Can We Build?

We can build practically anything you can find on the Internet. Of course, we need to discuss details of your project first, to make sure that your ambitions are technically feasible.

The most popular examples of Web Apps we make:

  1. Online stores;
  2. Broker services in any business sphere (like AirBnB.com, booking.com, etc.);
  3. Aggregators, which rely on our other service, Web Scraping and Data Mining.

The list is not limited to these examples, since there are many unique ideas which don't fit into the commonly established models. Therefore, if you want to implement a fresh idea, don't hesitate to contact us!