Usability Audit

We will show how to make your website more user-friendly

What is Usability Audit?

Websites must be convenient to use. This concerns all website elements: interface must be intuitive, texts must be readable, buttons must be located in predictable places, visual noise must be absent, and working with the website must be a pleasure, not a suffering. All these things are collectively called "usability".

Usability audit is essentially a check for all the usability mistakes that your website might have. If you order us to perform Usability Audit, we will compose a document that will point out all usability problems that your website has and will tell you how to solve them.

Why to do a Usability Audit?

Usability Audit helps to find out which problems stand in your clients' way when using your website. If a website is inconvenient to use, the user will switch to competitor's solution, hence good usability is one of the most important metrics for your website. If your website (and hence your brand) leaves a positive impression, people will be using it and telling other people how much they enjoy it; for that reason, the value of good usability should not be underestimated.

How to tell when I need a usability audit?

When developing new websites, we solve all usability-related issues from the very beginning. However, as your website grows, it has more and more content, and design solutions which were optimal earlier become less than optimal today. This is why we offer to do a Usability Audit when your website has grown and it becomes apparent that some things should be optimized for new circumstances.

We also offer Usability Audits if your website was designed by another company. In that case we will help to find out and fix problems made by other people.

Which other services may be useful to me?

We also recommend SEO Audit, which is targeted more towards brand promotion in search engines. Both SEO and Usability audit play an important role in the promotion of your website and your brand.


Want to make your website more convenient to use? Ask for our help!