Web Scraping and Data Mining

We will build robots to collect and analyze data for you

Service Description

The purpose of web scraping is to collect data from other websites.

Why to do this? There are many different reasons:

  1. You develop a web aggregator, which by definition requires data from external websites in order to work;
  2. You want to conduct market research - for example, to collect product prices of your competitors;
  3. You develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to attract an investor. Since you don't want your app to be empty and since you don't want to fill it with data manually, it's much better to collect the data from the Internet and supply to your app.

Web scraping solves these (and many other) problems. We will build you robots that collect all the necessary data and save it in a format you want.

Data Mining is all about analyzing data with the purpose of searching for patterns in it and finding hidden information there. Both services, Web Scraping and Data Mining, go side by side with each other. If you only need to collect data, then you're interested in Web Scraping; if you already have the data and you want to thoroughly analyze it - we will help you with Data Mining. And if you want a full cycle, from collection to analysis, we will provide you with both services.

Is This Legal?

All information available on the Internet for free and that you can easily view in your browser may be legally collected by a robot. By the way, this is exactly how search engines learn about websites on the Internet - by collecting information with robots. That's why you have nothing to worry about. There are some exceptions, though - for example, you shouldn't be collecting data that is protected by copyright law.

In case of Data Mining, if you have legally-obtained data, nothing prevents your from analyzing it further.

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