Ad Campaign Development

Website promotion with Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct

What Will We Do?

We will configure an ad campaign in Google Adwords and/or Yandex.Direct to bring clients to your website.

Service Description

Ad Campaign development is a very meticulous work. In order to launch ad campaign, you need to thoroughly choose pages that you will be promoting, pick the most suitable key words, create a list of negative keywords, pick target audience, and a do a lot of other work. So that the ad money is not wasted, you need to constantly monitor its efficiency and be ready to change your strategy depending on situation.

Trust us to develop an ad campaign, and we will take care of all these problems for you.

But Be Careful!

Note that ad campaigns aren't cheap, and large financial investment may be needed to achieve desired results. Cost per click (CPC) highly depends on the key words you choose, and you should be morally prepared that some users will be clicking on your website and leaving, and these users will cost you money. This is unavoidable, since this is the nature of context ads.

Some portion of the ad budget should be spent on demand testing, which will allow you to make adjustments to campaign strategy and achieve maximum efficiency from campaign. In any case, you should perceive context advertisement as an investment and not as a pure waste of money, and be prepared to the fact that the optimal strategy needs some time to be discovered.

This is why we do not recommend launching ads on your last money.

Additional Advice

Before you start developing ad campaigns, we recommend doing a SEO Audit and take care of internal optimization of your website. After fulfilling the audition suggestions, your website will be better prepared for ad campaign. Besides, audit will help you choose better strategy for website promotion.


Contact us if you need to develop ad campaign!