Young Power Engineers School

School for kids curious about science

Goal:  Create school website

Back Story

Teen Energy School organizes exciting educational courses for children. Classes are based on spectacular (yet educational!) experiments to demonstrate laws and principles of physics and engineering (and power engineering in particular).

TeenEnergy home
Home Page of Teen Energy School


We were tasked to build a website which would be easy to edit for School administrators. We were also trusted to create a system for schedule management, which allows to track who signed up for school and which students have paid for their courses and, based on this information, automatically generates student lists for each lesson.


Initial website Specification Document (SD) suggested creating many sections and subsections for the website, which would make it hard to grasp. This is a common problem on this stage of design, so the first thing we suggested to the School is to merge some sections and get rid of the pages which have no use for potential customers. We advised not to make page hierarchy too deep, since that would confuse the users. For that reason, together with the School representatives, we thoroughly revised the page structure. By making this adjustment to the SD on the very first stage, we saved a lot of time to our customers and concentrated our efforts on more important problems.

Once we all agreed on the structure, we started developing the website. 

Website header contains only the most important information about the School. Navigation is flat, all website pages are available from the main menu. Footer contains links to important pages, and we also placed a very cute illustration of a tiny power system just above it :)

TeenEnergy footer
Website footer, with tiny little power system above it

We also built a News section for the website, to keep students in touch with all recent events at School.

TeenEnergy news
News section design

Class management system

Before signing up for a course, student can check out its schedule and price. Most of the courses offer to take lessons on Saturdays or on Sundays.

TeenEnergy schedule
Schedule selection screen

We integrated website with Yandex.Money service, which significantly simplified management tasks for School. Once a student has paid for his classes, website records the student in class's roster and notifies him about it over email. With this, School managers always have the most up-to-date list of students, which freed them from having to keep track of everything by hand in Excel spreadsheets.

TeenEnergy admin
Classes management panel, with student list


We made a very intuitive and beautiful website. We also solved the problem of automatic schedule management and payment tracking. If you want to build a good looking website and effectively automate your business processes, don't hesitate to contact us!