Stylish Wave

Website for a company organizing beauty masterclasses

Goal:  Create beautiful and informative website

Back Story

Master Class Center "Stylish Wave" teaches its clients the art of female beauty. Professional teachers of the Company teach their students to weave braids, to style hair, to create your own image and to do many other beautiful things.

However, the company didn't have it's own website, and thus they asked us for help.


We were tasked to build a simple website which allows to edit any page, especially the page with master classes' schedule. We needed to keep the company colors (pink and violet) intact.


Initially, the Company planned to have a very deep, multi-level structure, but we convinced the company that having more pages is not always better. We merged some of the pages together and managed to significantly simplify navigation for users.

Home page is designed as a landing page. It clearly demonstrates the features of all the master classes offered by the Company. The footer is short, but very expressive; it duplicates contact information and contains links to social networks.

Master Classes

"Master Classes" page offers up-to-date schedule of all master classes conducted by the Company. You can view short description of each course, its date, duration, location and other important information.

Each master class has its own page which as a detailed description of the course and showcases students' achievements after finishing it.

Responsive solutions

As usual, our website renders nicely on all devices, from cell phones and tablets to laptops and desktops. If you want to have a beautiful website which works flawlessly on all platforms, contact us!