Online store for electric equipment manufacturer

Goal:  Build an online store for electric equipment

Back Story

IEK-Electro company sells electrical equipment. The Company has decided to go online, and thus its executives trusted us to build a simple online store for them.

IEK-Electro home
Home page of IEK-Electro


IEK-Electro sells two types of equipment - Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS, or АВР in Russian) and Ya5111 motor controller (Я5111 in Russian), so each product type got its own page. All products presented on the website are available for purchase - you just fill your shopping card with products and then 

The website was made responsive, thus making it comfortable on any kind of device.

IEK-Electro avr
Product page


Our task was to make all pages on the website easily editable. We implemented an admin page which allows users to add and edit new product pages and track status of orders.

Административная панель сайта
Административная панель ИЭК-Электро

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