Alexander Paramonov's portfolio

Hello there!

I am a full-stack web developer focusing mainly on Django and Nuxt/Vue web frameworks.

But as you can see from this website, I have a wide range of experience in other areas of programming as well, since I used to build video games, VR simulators and theme park attractions.


Here are some of my recent works

Online platform that matches teachers with schools abroad

Smile English School

Smile English School

Website for English teaching school

Young Power Engineers School

Young Power Engineers School

School for kids curious about science



Website for electric equipment company



Software development for the amusement ride

Substation in Virtual Reality

Substation in Virtual Reality

VR substation simulator based on Unreal Engine 4

What I can do for you

🕸️ Web Development

I have a lot of experience building websites, ranging from small custom blogs to full-scale web apps, both on backend and frontend side. I use responsive design so they look nice on all platforms and browsers.

🖥️ Software development in general

Although I specialize mostly in web-related projects, I have a lot of experience in other areas of software development. I've made source code contributions to many open-source projects, mostly Django and Python-related, and I've made contributions to almost every major open source Django CMS project in existence as well.

🕷️ Web Scraping

I can write robots to collect data from the web for you. Extremely useful if you're building an aggregator website, prototyping an app, or if you simply need data to perform a statistical analysis on.

🔎 SEO, especially its technical aspects

I can help you promote your website online, and I am knowledgeable in the technical aspects of SEO which are often overlooked: what kind of tags and attributes to use in HTML, how to make sure search robots see your page, how to handle duplicate content, how to efficiently configure goals and set up conversion funnels, how to properly configure redirects without losing your ranking in search results, and so on.


I mostly build websites, but I occasionally work on video games and VR simulators as well.
If you would like to have a better idea, here's a list of technologies I work(ed) with.

Main skills

Things I am best at and do on daily basis

Web Frameworks
Django Nuxt Vue
Web Scraping
Scrapy Scraping Hub
Programming languages
Python Javascript
Cloud Platforms
Digital Ocean Google Cloud AWS
PostgreSQL MySQL MariaDB MongoDB
Mandatory web skills

Legacy skills

Skills I use when I work on legacy projects

Programming languages
Video Game Engines
Unreal Engine 4 Godot RenPy

If you like my portfolio and you would like to hire me for your project, feel free to contact me!